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106 W Mckey Street, Ocoee, FL

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Bear taxidermy

Experience the work of finest taxidermists!

Master Taxidermy Studio in Ocoee, FL specializes in North American Game species. We are committed to serving you, and accept a wide range of wildlife animals. We also have several mounting arrangements available for you to choose from.

We service a wide range of wildlife species

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Learn About Us

  • White Tail Deer

  • Mule Deer

  • Alligators

  • Boars

  • Bobcats

  • Coyote

  • Turkey

  • Duck

  • Pheasants

  • Geese

We work with ALL North American game, if you don't see your animal listed just call to inquire. We have a Federal Migratory Bird permit. This allows us the license to work on migratory birds.

North American Game


  • Life-size

  • Shoulder Mounts

  • Antler Mounts

       with fur / suede leather

  • European Skull Mount

  • Tanning

  • Tail, feet and beard display

  • Wolf

  • Moose

  • Bear

  • Elk

  • Buffalo

  • Caribou

  • Otter

  • Snakes

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